Locations and Meetings

We offer both in-person and virtual meetings. Please use the two links above to navigate to the list of local meetings and to the calendar of call-in meetings.

All SA meetings in Alaska are CLOSED meetings. Closed meetings are open only to those who wish to stop their own sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior. This environment helps each participant protect their anonymity.

In consideration of public interest Alaska SA will host open meetings from time to time. Open meetings are open to anyone, and are usually dedicated events. We do our best to announce such events in a manner that ensures broad access. Regardless of OPEN or CLOSED status, please note that only those who are legally adults may attend SA meetings.

Anchorage Area
E-mail: inner.peace.fellowship.907@gmail.com
Hotline: (907) 677-0880

E-mail: fairbanks.sa.fellowship@gmail.com.
Phone: (907) 460-1967

Kenai Peninsula
E-mail: kenaisafellowship@gmail.com.

E-mail: AKjayr@gmail.com.

The Fellowship of Sobriety

To have a share in any earthly inheritance is to diminish the share of the other inheritors. In the inheritance of the [Fellowship], that which each has goes to increase the possession of the rest.

. . .

In this inheritance, a man may desire and endeavor to obtain his share without selfish prejudice to others; nay, to fail of our share in it, would be to deprive others of a portion of theirs.

. . .

The true share . . . is not what you have to keep, but what you have to give away.

. . .

Every one of us is something that the other is not and therefore knows something—it may be without knowing that he knows it—which no one else knows. It is every one's business . . . as inheritor in it all, to give his portion to the rest; for we are one family, with God at the head and heart of it. . .

George MacDonald, 1891